Our Clinic

At Bio Compatible Dentistry our aim is not to just “fix teeth” but to look for the underlying causes of issues in the mouth such as tooth decay and gum disease. Prevention, minimal intervention and patient education are the foundations of our practice.

The condition of your mouth can reveal a lot about your general health. Issues in the mouth may be a result of imbalances elsewhere in the body. Likewise problems in the mouth may actually be contributing to, or the cause of, certain health challenges. After all, the same blood that flows through the mouth flows through the rest of the body!

Our experienced dentists are passionate about holistic health care and are committed to keeping up with current scientific research and education. In order to understand your unique circumstances a comprehensive history will be taken at your first visit in a relaxed manner. A thorough examination will be carried out and the findings presented to you. We are aware of concerns around x-ray exposure and use a reduced radiation digital x-ray system. Each treatment plan is individually tailored based on your needs and expectations and will be thoroughly discussed with you. You will be fully informed of all your options and costs prior to any treatment commencing.

Our friendly staff are highly trained and chosen for their compassion and dedication to ensure your experience with us is as comfortable as possible.

If you are anxious about dental treatment please discuss this with your dentist. Nitrous oxide (“happy gas”), Bach flower remedies, aromatherapy oils and soothing music are available for your comfort. Rest easy, breathe easy too, as we have filtered water, negative ion generators and air filters throughout the practice.

Upon arrival you will be greeted with a warm cup of our organic herbal tea and invited to relax in our wait room and leaf through one of our many enlightening books or browse our wide range of dental and health products.

A carefully chosen selection of natural toothpastes, mouthwashes and oral care products are available at the practice. A wide range of books on dental and general health are also available to purchase.

We also work closely with other holistic health practitioners such as integrative doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors and osteopaths. We believe that by combining natural health philosophies with mainstream dentistry we are best able to support you along your path to better oral and overall health.